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A place inspired by Ernest Hemingway, one of the most well-known bar lovers, who brought fame to many mixed drinks and innovated on old cocktail recipes. This is why bars around the world offer drinks such as Hemingway Daiquiri or different variations of Papa Doble. People think his bar life was connected exclusively with Cuba, which is incorrect.

True, bars such as La Bodequita and El Floridita base their fame on his frequent visits, but Hemingway loved good bars and good drinks all around the world. He enjoyed frequenting Sloppy Joe`s Bar in Florida or Harry`s Bar in Paris.

Hemingway Bar carries his favorite liquors such as Absinthe and different kinds of rum, as well as champagne.

Hemingway Bar boasts a diverse offer of Absinthe, including the limited edition of Hemingway Absinthe, distilled for our bar by Martin Žufánek. We also feature very rare replicas of the best kinds of Absinthe ever made. We serve this fine liquor the traditional way. Our quests tend to be quite surprised by the general ignorance surrounding Absinthe.

Our bar also offers a wide variety of rums. To this day we carry over two hundred different kinds.

Finally, we carry a choice of the finest sparkling wines from the Champagne region that includes large and famous brands as well as wines from small producers.

However, the bar specializes first and foremost in excellent mixed drinks, prepared exclusively from premium and ultra-premium ingredients as well as fresh fruit juices. Our main goal is to be number one in beverage gastronomy. You will be served by very experienced bartenders, who will provide the best service possible. Our aim is to keep discovering new things and expand our knowledge regarding various products.

Hemingway Bar – fine mixology and luxury spirits

Make sure you try our Becher Butter Sour,
containing Becherovka Original infused with ghee, fresh lemon juice, egg white, and sugar syrup.
Served with a dry orange slice.


Opening hours

Monday 17:00-01:00
Tuesday 17:00-01:00
Wednesday 17:00-01:00
Thursday 17:00-01:00
Friday 17:00-02:00
Saturday 19:00-02:00
Sunday 19:00-01:00

Hemingway Bar Prague

Karolíny Světlé 26
Praha 1


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